8:15 am

Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am


Sonia Sennik, Executive Director, Creative Destruction Lab; Tiff Macklem, Dean, Rotman School of Management; former Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada

9:10 am

Prediction Machines and Business Strategy

Ajay Agrawal, Creative Destruction Lab

9:25 am

Peter Drucker Meets Machine Intelligence

James Cham, Bloomberg Beta

9:35 am

Recent Advances in Deep Learning

Russ Salakhutdinov, CMU - Fireside chat with Steve Lohr, The New York Times

9:55 am

Super Humans

Presentation by Sean Gourley, Stealth Machine Intelligence Company

10:10 am

How Will Machine Intelligence Transform Scientific Discovery?

Elizabeth Caley, Chan Zuckerberg, Meta - Fireside chat with Will Knight, MIT Technology Review

10:25 am

Brain Science and AI

Presentation by Eric Jonas, UC Berkeley

10:35 am

Why are Goals Central to Intelligence?

Rich Sutton, University of Alberta; DeepMind - Fireside chat with Steve Jurvetson, DFJ

10:55 am


11:15 am

Intelligent Machines and the Future of Human Communication

Brad Hoover, Grammarly - Fireside chat with Alexandra Suich, The Economist

11:30 am

Solving Intelligence

Doina Precup, McGill University and DeepMind - Fireside chat with Sven Strohband, Khosla Ventures

11:45 am

Deciphering Cardiac Signals with Machine Learning

Don Crawford, Analytics 4 Life - Fireside chat with Barney Pell, LocoMobi Inc.

12:00 pm

Humans-in-the-Loop: Predictions and Judgement at Work

Presentation by Lukas Biewald, CrowdFlower

12:15 pm

How We Won the International ACM Recommendation System Challenge 2017

Tomi Poutanen, Layer 6 AI - Fireside chat with Lisha Li, Amplify Partners

12:30 pm

Quantum Machine Learning and its Discontents

Peter Wittek, Creative Destruction Lab

12:40 pm

Accelerating AI Futures

Steve Jurvetson, DFJ

1:00 pm

Lunch generously sponsored by Scotiabank

AI Company Demos; Presentation of Awards: Labour, Capital, Ideas

2:20 pm

Life 3.0

Presentation by Max Tegmark, MIT

2:40 pm

AGI and Embodiment

Presentations by Suzanne Gildert, Kindred; Scott Phoenix, Vicarious; Ben Goertzel, Hanson Robotics

Lightning Round on General Intelligence

Alexandra Suich, Suzanne Gildert, Max Tegmark, Ben Goertzel, Scott Phoenix, Rich Sutton, Gary Marcus, Shivon Zilis, Steve Jurvetson

4:00 pm


4:25 pm

Realtalk on AI in Business

Michael Chui, McKinsey & Company - Fireside chat with Greg Ip, The Wall Street Journal

4:45 pm

The World After Capital

Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures - Fireside chat with Candice Faktor, Faktory Ventures

5:00 pm

Prediction Machines: They’re Good For Business, But Are They Good for People?

Joshua Gans, Creative Destruction Lab - Fireside chat with Walter Frick, Harvard Business Review

5:15 pm

If AI is Stuck, then How Should We Unstick It? Beyond Deep Learning

Gary Marcus - Fireside chat with Tom Simonite, WIRED

5:35 pm

On Humans and Machines

Eugenia Kuyda, Luka - Fireside chat with Shivon Zilis, Bloomberg Beta

5:55 pm

Closing Remarks

Shivon Zilis, Ajay Agrawal

6:00 pm

Reception and AI Company Demos