Gary Marcus

CEO & Founder, Geometric Intelligence

Gary Marcus, scientist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and AI contrarian, was CEO and Founder of the machine learning startup Geometric Intelligence, recently acquired by Uber.

As a professor of psychology and neural science at NYU, he has published extensively in fields ranging from human and animal behaviour to neuroscience, genetics, and artificial intelligence, often in leading journals such as Science and Nature.
As a writer, he contributes frequently to the The New Yorker and The New York Times and is the author of four books, including The Algebraic MindKluge: The Haphazard Evolution of the Human Mind, and The New York Times bestseller Guitar Zero; he also edited the recent book The Future of the Brain: Essays By The World’s Leading Neuroscientists, featuring the 2014 Nobel laureates May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser.

He invented the now-ubiquitous trolley problems for driverless cars (borrowed, mostly recently, by Barack Obama).