Suzanne Gildert

Founder and co-CEO, Sanctuary AI

Suzanne Gildert is Founder and co-CEO of Sanctuary AI, a company with a mission to build synthetic humans – “synths” – that are indistinguishable from us physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Sanctuary is structured to explore both cutting-edge technology and the ethical issues that arise from creating human-like machines. The company strives to create a micro-society in which synths can develop and be granted a safe haven as they transition into full acceptance by our wider society.

Prior to Sanctuary, Suzanne cofounded Kindred Inc., an artificial intelligence and robotics company. She handbuilt more than 30 robots to demonstrate Kindred’s core technology concept of human/robot tele-operation for reinforcement learning. She helped grow the company to over 50 employees, open offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Silicon Valley , and  raise $50M+ in venture funding from top-tier investors including Eclipse, Google Ventures, First Round Capital, and Data Collective.Suzanne holds a PhD in Physics and Electronics from the University of Birmingham, UK.